It’s up to YOU as the Seller.  You set the expectation in your description.

If you only allow WSIB, insured, bonded professional movers on the premises, you need to state that in your description and comments.

You also need to consider the hard wiring of workstations and any electrical.


When you have found a buyer ensure they are aware of the terms and conditions you set for picking up the furniture.

Ensure the elevator is booked

Ensure the loading dock is booked

Find out when the building allows product to be moved (not all moves can be done during the day.

Yes – if the seller is keeping the cabling. And you need to decide who is responsible based on your workplace rules

Clear, uncluttered photos, specific details that a buyer would find helpful such as: dimensions, designer or manufacturer name, age, colour, a list of exactly what you are selling, how many in one “lot” if you are agreeable to dividing a floor into one, two, three, four, etc. lots.

Short video of the floor with desks set-up is also helpful.

Be sure to respond quickly to inquiries.


Dimensions, age, manufacturer, etc.

Check with the Seller terms and conditions. You may need to hire bonded, insured, WSIB movers. 

This would need to be factored into your overall cost when purchasing the furniture.

·      Have a floor plan with dimensions ready

·      understand your configurations and employe

·      Items you buy may not configure the same way as the previous owner.  You may need to reconfigure the stations based on your space and employee preferences.

·      A good commercial moving company can help you with assembly and reconfigurations.  They have the expertise which makes them efficient.  This allows you to focus on what you’re good at and get your employees back to work.

There are a lot of options like left/right configurations, sit/stand desks, different types of ergo chairs, etc.

We are quite sure if you ask your employees what would make the happy, keep them healthy and comfortable, they will tell you!

YES YES YES, It’s a large investment you are making and a professional mover knows how to dismantle and reassemble, the tricks and tips of specific manufacturers, and has the tools and in the end will save you time and money. (see question 2)

Make sure the electrical accessories are included in the sale.

Ask about cabinets, peds, chairs and accessories.

Don’t assume everything in the picture is for sale. 

Confirm what you bought.

This is a large investment you are making to outfit your office and a professional mover will have the manpower and equipment to move your investment.  As well, the Seller may require that you have professional, bonded and insured movers on their premises.

Hours (daytime or evening) allowed for pick-up in the building?

            Who books the elevator?

            Is there a deposit necessary to book the elevator or loading dock?

Is there a loading dock?

            Who books the loading dock?

Is there parking or can the truck be parked on the street?

            Hours (daytime or evening) allowed for drop-off in your building?

            Are there stairs?

            Everything you don’t ask could cost you $$$ in the long run.

Book ASAP.  Also, the sooner you decide to go with a professional commercial mover, you can factor those costs into the cost of the furniture.

If you are moving it yourself, make sure you book a rental truck and it is available for the date you need you require.

Trucks are harder to get at the end of the month. 

A professional mover will have their own trucks and usually can deal with all of the above details on your behalf.

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